Oshun way of life

I’m Sonia Cauchi, and I am a wife and mother of three.

I was born in Sicily to a modest family, though with strong traditional roots and the distinctively Sicilian attention to detail. I have memories of my mother and how she’d get ready to leave the house – always impeccable – wearing accessories which I now think were ahead of her time. Her bags, her gloves emblematic of sophisticated femininity.

Sicilian traditions have a strong and incisive taste to them, like the land I come from and that was home to other renowned fashion names.

Our jackets are designed and made exclusively in Italy: we use striking, glossy, and yet ultralight studs. We have a customisation service to embroider your name or a number on the back of the jacket on request.

In fact I got my great passion for fashion from my mother and, one year ago, I wanted to create this line of studded leather jackets that represent my ideal of a sophisticated woman with a strong personality. A woman who likes to stand out and who is ultimately – why not – also a bit fierce.